Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Three Years Ago.......

Three years ago today our paperwork in Ethiopia was finally ready! After climbing what seemed to be a million mountains Nicco called to say that everything was finally ready to be submitted to court. We had no idea on that day what would be ahead. The days of great joy, deep sadness, the six week stay in Ethiopia, the countless hours on the soccer field, the loads of laundry, the giggles, family game nights, new friendships, the six wells drilled,  the always empty pantry, and the additional friend who would soon be our son were still ahead of us and we had no clue. Today I am again humbled that He chose us to walk this path. We may not always walk it perfectly but we are trusting Him each step of the way! Thankful that we are shaping our boys to be kings and our sweet girl to be a queen wrapped in His Majesty! (It may take a few minutes for the video to load)

I am so thankful for the priceless pictures of all three of my children together long before we knew them. God knew and He knew what a blessing those small glimpses would be to our family. Praising Him today for His goodness! Praying that other families will step up and love the least of these- Precious kings and queens longing for a family.