Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tears in the Peanut Butter..........

Today has been an emotional day as I have been thinking about and praying for our dear friend Nicco all day. When we received a call this morning that he wasn't physically doing well due to having a heart attack my heart broke. I quickly called Nicco and was so thankful to get to spend a few minutes talking with him. For those of you who may not know- Without the willingness of Nicco, Tia and Garrett would most likely still be in the orphanage in Ethiopia. The hours that he spent in order for them to come home are countless.

Nicco made a huge impact on our family not only with the willingness to work on behalf of Tia and Garrett but during our six weeks in Ethiopia all six of our kids fell in love with Nicco. His care and compassion is simply amazing and can be felt by anyone he is around. Tonight I got a glimpse of the impact that he made on one of our children-

I was in the kitchen making sandwiches for school lunches tomorrow and Jacob walked in. He said," Mom, I don't need a sandwich for tomorrow because I am going to fast and pray for my friend, Nicco. Don't worry about making mine- OK?" I simply said, "Ok". Tears started to pour down my face as I thought of my ten year old son giving up food tomorrow to lift his friend to our Father. Tomorrow my kids sandwiches will not only have peanut butter and jelly on them but their mother's tears that she shed tonight praising God for a man who has impacted my family in a way that he will never know this side of heaven.

Know that our family is lifting you to the one who can heal and make your heart brand new. We love you more than we could begin to express and our hearts hurt for you. We wish that we were there to be with you as you head into the next few hours of surgery. As we have said a million times before to you we are so thankful for what you have added to our lives. Not just your work to help us bring our son and daughter home but your love for each person that God places in your path. We love you and we know that God is holding you tightly as you face the unknown of the next few days and weeks-
Mendy for all of us