Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Party of........

Usually I post a photo at the top of each blog....not this time. There is a photo that I would love to place here but just not yet. It is a photo of three precious and scared children. Precious in that two of the three are now Henderson's and scared because the three had just traveled by boat from the island on which they were born to their new home. The new home happened to be an orphanage that my kids call Tihach's house. The photo is of Tia, Garrett and their friend Limme.

I have looked at this photo at least a million times. During the long wait to bring Tia and Garrett home I would gaze at the photo and shed tears as I could see the hurt in their small eyes and see the fear in their hearts. Most of those moments were focused on Tia and Garrett but there was always something about the other little boy who has skin a little darker than Tia and Garrett that would catch my eye. I often wondered if he had a family or if he were still at the orpahange with our children.

Fastforward to today. We know that Limme is very special to Tia and Garrett. If you have read much of my blog you know that Garrett left all of his toys behind for Limme the last day that we visited the orphanage. We know that Limme has no family and has little to no chance of having one. We know that we have wrestled many nights as Garrett has made comments about how much Limme would love it here or the nights when he would point blank ask when Limme was going to come and live with us. We know that we are now willing......

Last week David and I had the opportunity to attend the Orphan Summit which is a gathering of believers who are passionate about the cause of the 163 million children around the world who are fatherless. Prior to the Summit, God had been tugging at my heart about Limme but in my busy world of six kids it is easy to just keep busy and say that I will focus on what God is calling me to do on another day. Last week as I listened to so many amazing and passionate leaders speaking on the plight of orphans I clearly knew that God was calling me to do. At one point with tears streaming down my face, a lump in my throat and my body shaking, I turned to David and whispered, "We have to bring Limme home."

When we returned home this past weekend we shared with the six kids that we felt that God wanted us to bring Limme home. Megan and Kaylee both cheered loudly followed by, "Are you serious?" They were both overwhelmed with excitement and had a million questions of how and when that we have no answers for! Jacob, Lindsay and Garrett both had huge smiles and joined in the excitement. I ask Tia what she thought and only as Tia can she said with her eyebrows raised and a grin on her face, "Good!"

At bedtime that night we tucked the kids in as usual. About ten minutes after David and I had tucked them in Jacob came into our room very concerned and said, "Mom, come quick! Something is wrong with Garrett and he is crying, really crying!" My first thought was that he and Jacob were probably playing around and he had gotten injured (yes, they had been tucked in but boys can be boys).

As I opened the bedroom door I could hear Garrett weeping. I climbed up onto the top bunk with him and started to question him about what was wrong. As I put my head on his pillow he rolled over to hug me and he said, "Mom, I am so sad for Limme. He still lives there and still doesn't have a family." My son was literally shaking with pain and sorrow for his dear friend who he knew was alone. I held Garrett in my arms and outloud prayed for Limme. I prayed that somehow God would make a way for him to come and be a part of our family. That somehow God would provide the money that we would need to make this happen. That the paperwork process on both sides would happen quickly and most importantly that Limme would know that he is loved both by God and by his friend Garrett. For almost and hour my son cried for his friend. (This in and of itself requires a seperate blog......My son "weeping with those who weep") When Garrett was calm enough we climbed down from his bed and went to find a photo of Limme- Guess which photo we found first........A photo of three precious and scared children who I am praying will all be in our family soon.

Please pray for us as we are so unsure of this entire process. We remember the long days, sleepless nights and uphill battles that are now ahead of us. We have not even one penny towards bringing him home and so again we trust that God will provide every last penny that we will need. We have made the first phone call to our agency and so the wait begins- However this time we have two precious kids to be our daily reminder of God's faithfullness to us when we are willing to do whatever He calls us to do. How does Henderson Party of 9 sound?