Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pray for peace in the Process

Friday was a hard day for us as we received word that our children are not adoptable at this point. Our adoption agency must find a relative of the twins or we must wait until the Oromia court will sign off proving that our children are orphans prior to us being able to adopt them. This is going to be a very lengthy process with no guarantees.

We are asking that you pray for all eight of us as we trust God with this process. We feel strongly that God has called our family to adopt Tizita and Geremew and we will trust Him as we continue to move forward on this journey. We are praying about traveling to Ethiopia in a few weeks to visit Tizita and Geremew for the first time and ask you to join us in asking that God would clearly let us know if this is what He would have for us at this time.

God is amazing and we want to share a story that happened to us after church this past Sunday. David is in the middle of a series called, "Life at the Office", but he really didn't feel that he could be authentic and speak on that topic after the weekend that we had experienced as a family. He decided that he would just share with our UCF family where God had our family and what God was teaching us during the process. After the service a young guy came to us and shared that he was adopted. He told us the story of his parents being told that he was not adoptable and how they prayed and patiently waited until he joined their family. Amazing how God knows what we need and places people in our path to encourage us where we are.

We are hopeful as we wait an we continue to lean in and listen closely to how God is leading us. Our hearts hurt but we know that He is in control and He is going to bring our children home in His time not ours. We will not give up until our family is together-