Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June 28th - Party of Eight!

Today has been an amazing day! We woke up early this morning and headed to the Court House. All six of us very nervous and yet so excited that today was the day that we had longed for, prayed for and hoped would happen. We arrived at the Court House only to be told that we were in the wrong place. We obviously do not speak the language well enough to ask where to go and so we called our good friend Nicco and he explained that we were in the correct place. I assume that since we were the first family to have to be in court the guard of the building thought we were in the wrong place. Most families who have adopted in the past did not have to attend court and so the guard was just confused.
After arriving we started to get nervous that our agency was not there to represent the children or us. We were told that court would begin at 9:00am and so we arrived at 8:45am. At 9:25 someone from our agency finally arrived only to let us know that someone else would need to be there as well. I was completely stressed out but praying that somehow everyone would get there prior to our case being called because I was not sure that I could handle being rescheduled due to our agency not showing up on time. A few minute later the other lady from our agency arrived and explained to us that the MOWA letters (needed prior to passing) for the day had not arrived but should arrive shortly. Withing five minutes the MOWA letters arrived and we prayed that our letter would be included. Around 10:30 our case was called and we entered into the Judges room for our case to be heard. I can't begin to express my feelings but physicaly I actually got hives on my neck and chest from the crazy emotions of these few minutes.
We were in the courtroom less than ten minutes but those ten minutes completely changed my life and the life of our family forever. When the Judge declared that Tizita and Geremew were ours~ tears poured from my eyes and I knew that all of the pain, heart ache and trails of this journey were all worth it. They were ours and nothing in the future could ever change that. Two precious children who were orphans were no longer orphaned but placed into a family~ Our family!
We are now on the beginning of another journey. A journey for two fatherless children to quickly feel the love and care of a family and a Father in heaven who loves them even more than we do. The journey ahead will be a long journey filled with great ups and downs as we head into a world of the unknown. We will hold tight to Jesus as we love, serve and raise the new blessings that were added to our family today.
After court we traveled to the orphanage to let Tizita and Geremew know that they were now ours. They said their goodbyes to friends and we were off to lunch as a family. At lunch on Monday, June 28th, we were indeed Henderson Party of Eight!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


What crazy emotions a few days can stir up. I think I have expreienced every emotion imaginable over the course of just a few days. The excitement of flying half way around the world , the joy of seeing all 6 of my children interact for the first time, the pain of watching my kids see great physical needs first hand, the fear of meeting our twins birth family, the unknown of being the first family to ever go to court, and that is just a few of the emotions that I have felt the first few days here.

Our time with Tizita and Geremew has been amazing and they are such precious kids who fit perfectly into our family. I have really enjoyed watching Megan, Kaylee, Jacob and Lindsay interact with both of them in their own special ways. I have shed many tears watching Jacob hug and put his arm around Geremew (Here in Ethiopia men put their arms around each others neck to show they care and even though Jacob didn't know that he naturally has done this to Geremew the entire time). Geremew was very shy on Friday and seemed somewhat afaid and so I really think that this physical touch from Jacob completely changed his fear and uncertainty- On Saturday he had no fear and played and laughed with us all day.

It completely amazed me that Tizita really wanted to share her backpack of toys with all of the other children at the orphanage. For the first time in her life she has a few things that belong to her and she quickly wanted to give them to others to enjoy. Her friend, Enat,spent a good bit of time with us yesterday and Tizita wanted to make sure that Enat felt just as special as she was feeling. Such a gift to see her caring heart for others. This is something that he hope and pray that we can guide and direct as she comes to America and has more- More not for herself but more for her to share!

I know that many of you would like to see photos but until tomorrow morning after we pass court we are not really allowed to share photos. We promise in the next day or two (Lord willing we will have passed court) we will upload some fun photos of our first few days as a Forever Family.

Tonight at 6:00pm (10:00am for you) we will meet Tizita and Geremew's birth family. Please pray for that meeting to go well. I am so unsure of what to expect and I know that it will not be easy for me. Pray that God's love will be very evident in all that our family says and does as we great and love on their family. We pray that one day this family will love the Lord with all of their heart and we pray that He will use us in the process starting in a few short hours from now.

Pray for us as you head to bed tonight- We will go to court at 9:00am (2:00am for you) tomorrow morning- We all pray that this is a quick and easy process and that by lunch time tomorrow we will truely be The Henderson's- Party of Eight!

Tizita and Geremew,
What a joy it has been to hear you call me Mum the past few days- Sweet music to my ears. I love that now Lindsay, Jacob, Kaylee and Megan call me Mum sometimes as well. Your precious smiles have lit up heart and I love to hear you both laugh. I know that you haven't laughed much in the past two years and so I know that we have a lot of missed laughing to make up for in the weeks and months ahead. I am praying like crazy today that tomorrow I will never have to say goodbye or leave you again. I can't wait to be in court and hear the judge declare that you are both ours. My heart has longed for tomorrow for months and I can't wait to celebrate the end of this long journey of waiting for you to become ours. We will rejoice and celebrate BIG! I pray that you rest well tonight and I can't wait to see you at the court house in the morning!

Today is a special day for us- We get to meet your birth family and hear all about what your first 4 years of life were like. I am going to soak it all up and remember each detail to share with you as you get older and want to know. I promise to always be honest with you and answer as many questions about how you became ours as I can. You are both truely special and I know that God has big plans for both of you.
You are loved beyond measure-

Saturday, June 26, 2010


We have arrived in Ethiopia and we are so glad to finally be here! We left from the airport and took our bags (all 1000 of them it seemed) to the Guest House and then we quickly left to take Jacob, Lindsay, Megan and Kaylee to meet their new sister and brother. We stood outside the orphanage gate and the gate opened just a little- I then heard Jacob and Lindsay scream......"There is Geremew!" They both ran in and found Tizita and Geremew and greeted them both with hugs. Tizita was super excited to see us and Geremew was a little shy at first. They quickly took us upstairs to see their beds and we then went down stairs to meet some of their friends. It was a great first day together but we didn't spend much time there. On our way home from the orphanage we were all tired and we didn't feel well. Lindsay even told David that she wanted to go home : ( but quickly changed her mind when we reminded her that we had to wait for Tizita and Geremew to be able to come. We arrived back at the guest house and we were all asleep by 4:30pm and slept until this morning. We all woke up around 3:00am for a snack but quickly went back to sleep until 7:30am.We just returned from our second day at the orpahange and today was a blast for all 8 of us! We played games, painted nails, chewed gum (see video at UCF tomorrow), jumped rope, and colored. Tizita and Geremew smiled the entire day and I loved that Geremew was not shy but very playful today. It will be a day we all remember as the first time our family enjoyed a family day together.Tonight we will have dinner at Trent and Carmen's house and we look forward to our time here with them. I will try to update this daily but we have dial up here and so it is very slow! Please join us in praying for Monday morning. Our court date is Monday at 9:00am (2:00am in Charlotte) and we would love to have as many of you up and praying that we would pass. We can't wait to share with you some of what we have been told about Geremew and Tizita's birth family- Another blog but even our agency knows that this process to adopt our precious twins has been so much more than a paperwork the end God will win the VICTORY! Praising Him for what He has done and is going to do!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


This is how we left our precious daughter in November. As we were driving away from the orphanage she was on the second story window waving goodbye and signing I love you to us. She still had the little sticker on her head that I had placed there and you could see her tears. I cried like I had never cried and I held tight to David's hand. By far the hardest thing I have ever done. My shirt was soaked from not only my tears but Tizita and Geremew's tears as well. Day after tomorrow I hope that when we drive down that little dirt road that she is still there waiting in that window! I am sure that many times over the past seven months that she has looked out that window just hoping and praying that we would drive up. Day after tomorrow we will be there driving down that little dirt road and I know that she and Geremew must be so excited!
God has shaped our lives in more ways than I could count these past 7 months. These have been long, hard months of not understanding God's timing but trusting His heart. This waiting from half way across the world is nearing an end and for that I am so thankful. As our family prepares to leave I would love for you to join me in praying for some specific things:

Pray for our time from Friday until Monday with Tizita and Geremew. They will not be able to stay with us (until Monday after court) and so each evening we will have to say goodbye and for us and all 6 kids this will be HARD!

Pray that the court will pass our case very quickly Monday morning! So many questions as to how this will work because no family has ever been in court under the law that we know of. We are the very first case that we have heard of who are required to be present in court and so we pray this is a good thing.

Pray for our meeting with Tizita and Geremew's birth family. I cry every time I think about it and so please pray for peace, comfort and God's love to be very evident while we spend time with them. A sacrifice that I could never begin to imagine having to make~

Pray for Megan to see, feel and experience all that God wants her to see, feel and experience. I know that at 14 years old this trip will literally change the rest of her life and not just because she will have two more siblings. Pray that God will confirm Himself to her this entire trip. Pray for peace for her while we fly~ She HATES flying!

Pray for Kaylee to love the way that God loves while we are away. Kaylee has the biggest servant heart of literally anyone I know. Her heart is going to break into a million pieces when she sees some of the sights she will see the next six weeks. Pray for God to guard her heart and join me in praying that she is not overwhelmed by the need but that she will do what she can to help those in need. This trip will have Kaylee in her element.....helping and serving others.

Pray for Jacob to be able to process and grieve all that he will see. His heart is very tender and just a few weeks ago when a fallen soldier returned home to our community Jacob cried as he stood to honor this hero. His heart is much like his dad's and he feels things very deeply. Pray that we will have wisdom on when and how to help Jacob process the next six weeks.

Pray for Lindsay physically and emotionally to be able to handle the next few days. She has never flown before and so her first flight will be half way around the world~ Not an easy first flight. David and I feel that she will have the hardest time adjusting to having siblings and although she is super excited today when her new sister or brother need us she could have a hard time. Megan is well aware of how Lindsay may feel and so she is going to be loving on Lindsay more than normal during the next six weeks.

Pray for David and I to rest~ Physically, emotionally, and Spiritually the next few days and weeks. We trust God with all of this and we know that He has called us to what is ahead. There will be days of great joy, deep sadness, uncertainty, laughter, tears, and none of this will be in our "normal" environment. Pray for great peace in the highest of highs and the lowest of lows for us. Pray that our strength would come only from the Lord. Pray for us to have wisdom in every situation ahead the next six weeks. Most of all pray that God would go before us and come around behind us as we seek to follow Him ever so closely on this new journey of parenting 6 while loving each other well.

For Tizita and Geremew please pray from the moment we walk into the orphanage that they will feel like they belong with us. Pray that they will feel our love and comfort as only a families love and comfort can be felt. Pray that as they experience for the first time so many new things that the fear would be overcome with joy. Pray most of all for God to be working in their little hearts from these first few days that we are with them.

Thanks for being on the journey with us.............we have never felt alone and for that we are so very thankful. The time has come for us to go and bring home the two fatherless that God has blessed our family with. We look forward to introducing our precious children to you soon. I long for the day when I get to tell them of all who loved, prayed for and longed for them long before they were with us! In a few short hours we are off to the next stage of this journey.......

Tizita and Geremew,
I can't believe that the time has come. You would laugh at daddy and I~ we can't even eat we are so excited. We have been going to bed at 1:30 in the morning and we are both up by 6:00 because we just can't sleep. Love does crazy things and we are both so in love with you and can't wait to be with you day after tomorrow. After today only 1 more X for you and none for us! Last night Lindsay brought me my journal from when I came to visit you and we had so much fun reading it together and being reminded how much fun that week in November was. We have so many of those fun weeks ahead and this time Lindsay, Jacob, Megan and Kaylee get to join us. I hope that on Monday the judge says that you are ours and that you get to come with us to the Guest house and experience so many new and exciting things. I am so excited and I just can't wait to drive down that bumpy dirt road and hold you in my arms. Hold on precious Tizita and Geremew we are literally on our way! I love you both more that you will ever be able to understand~ Mommy

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Changes........

I am so thankful for where God has me on this journey I call life. Never in a million years did I think that I would be a mom to six kids nor did I think that I would ever be in a third world country for six weeks~ This Thursday this journey will find me doing both! God continues to teach me that He will call me to do things that I can't do on my own so that I must completely depend on Him. Life as I know it is about to completely change and here are some ways:

Our bed will be much fuller each Saturday morning for tickle time
Our kitchen table will have all 8 chairs filled
The washing machine will run at least one more load a week
My son will have a brother
Three six year olds will make our playroom a very fun place to hang out
We will only have two empty beds left in our house
Bedtime will be even sweeter and longer : )
Someone will always need me
Braiding hair will be something I am good at
Cleaning house as a family will be faster
Getting out the door will take longer
and the list goes on and on of just simple ways my life is about to change.

There are much more complex ways that my life is about to change as well:

Loving our two children who don't speak English
Not knowing what Tizita and Geremew have experience in their first six years
Figuring out what their emotional needs are and trying to fill them
Being challenged by others on why our family would adopt
Sharing Christ with them in a way that they can relate from the very first day
Loving on Megan, Kaylee, Jacob and Lindsay while their world is completely changing
and the list goes on and on. We know that God has called us to this and we are following. He never promised that His path would be easy but He did promise that it would be good!

Tizita and Geremew,
We have all of our bags packed and they are full of fun things for our family to do while we are in Ethiopia for six weeks! The six of us are so excited and we can't wait until Friday when we are with you. Today is the first day of summer and I just can't wait for you to experience life as a Henderson for a summer~ I know that both of you are going to love it! We do so many fun things in the summer. Most days we go the the pool in our neighborhood. I know that you have no idea what a swimming pool is because you have never even seen a bathtub but it is a huge hole in the ground filled with water. Clean water (not like the water around the island) that you can jump in, splash in and swim in.
We also visit Mimi and Papa's (daddy's mom and dad) lake house several times each summer where we ride on the boat, go tubing and swim in the lake. One week each summer you will even stay there (without daddy and I) with all 18 cousins for Cousins Camp!
Our families favorite week is the week that we go to the beach each year. All week we play in the sand, go for long walks on the beach, jump in the waves, and eat hot donuts almost every night!
I just can't wait for you to experience life in th summer at our house~ I just know you both will LOVE it. One week from tonight I hope that dad and I get to tuck you in and that you never have to go to bed alone again. Only 4 more X's................ Love, Mom

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Excitement building at our house......

Yesterday and today have been days full of excitement at our house. Megan, Kaylee, Jacob and Lindsay returned home yesterday after spending a week with their cousins and grandparents in Atlanta and Knoxville. When they arrived home we were in the middle of packing and so they all four jumped in and started to pack their bags along with us. It has been such a joy to watch them all get so excited for what is ahead.
Tonight at bedtime I had the huge blessing of seeing all of Lindsay's joy expressed while we were saying bedtime prayers and it is a special time that I will never forget. Each night for 18 months we have prayed for Tizita and Geremew to get to come home as soon as possible and for the last week and a half we have been thanking God for where we are now in the process. Tonight Lindsay was all covered up in her bed and I was kneeling beside her...........As I was praying I was thanking God that in a few short days Lindsay would get to meet her new sister and brother. As I was praying these words she was so excited that she started kicking her feet, shaking and just giggling out of excitement and she didn't stop until I was finished praying. PURE JOY! She then started to pray and her excitement was so fun to hear as she expressed her thanks and joy to our Father. A precious memory that I will treasure forever of my sweet six year old knowing that her heavenly Father had heard her cries to bring her sister and brother home and that He was answering her prayer.
Only 4 more days and we are off to be with Tizita and Geremew- Only 5 more X's on their count down calendar (see my facebook wall) and they will be with us~ Their Forever Family! Excited doesn't begin to express the emotion found in our home............Rejoicing, Praising and Packing!

Tizita and Geremew,
I know that you both must get so excited each day to put another X mark on your count down calendar. We are so excited that in 5 short days we will be there laughing and playing with you. Your sisters and brother just can't wait and they have been packing some pretty fun things for you to enjoy while we are in Ethiopia. Both of your suitcases are packed full of new clothes, shoes and a few fun things mixed in and we can't wait for you to both open them.
I just can't wait for you to get to meet Megan, Kaylee, Jacob and Lindsay- You are going to have so much fun with each of them. Tizita, Lindsay has your bed all ready and you even have a baby doll waiting on your bed for you to play with. Geremew, Jacob can't wait to have you share his room. He told me tonight that he hopes you like the bottom bunk because he sure does like the top but he also said that he would let you pick. You will never know how much your siblings have prayed for and cried for you over the past 18 months. All four of them love you both so much and they just can't wait to get there to be with you.
Tomorrow here in the US we celebrate Father's Day. It is a special day where we show our father how much we love him. I sure wish that you could be here with you daddy tomorrow- Thankfully only a few more days and he will get to be with you.
I hope that you are sleeping well as I write this and I pray that you know the love that we have for both of you. Have a great Sunday and next Sunday we will be there with you! I Love You~ Mommy

Thursday, June 17, 2010

One week from now.......

We will be on our way one week from this very moment! How does a family of eight pack for six weeks when traveling half way around the world? I am not sure but I am trying to figure it out. We have three bags packed and only nine to go. It makes me laugh just to think about the six of us checking in with twelve bags at the airport at 4am next Thursday morning~ I am sure we will be a sight. It makes me cry with joy to think that the next time we check-in to travel home there will be eight of us (Lord willing).
The past few days have been filled with thoughts of how Megan, Kaylee, Jacob and Lindsay are going to handle being in Ethiopia for most of their summer break. I can't imagine how my life would have been different had I experienced traveling to Ethiopia when I was fourteen instead of when I was in my thirties. I really can't imagine having been six and traveling half way around the world to bring my new sister and brother home. To see how most of the world lives each day and to understand just how blessed we are will be a true gift to our children. To see families who have nothing yet have a deep joy that can only come from the Lord is a gift that I am so thankful to be giving them this summer.
I look forward to my kids loving on street kids, caring for kids who live in homes with ill parents, feeding kids who need to be fed, playing with orphans in the orphanages, and the list goes on. I can't wait for our "family meetings" in Ethiopia where we can hear each of their hearts on how God is shaping them. Most of all, I look forward to seeing them interact with their new brother and sister. The good and the bad~ I know that there will be plenty of both!
We have another week to prepare our kids, the best we can, for what they will experience. Trying to explain the sights, sounds, smells and even the 24 hours of travel to our kids can be somewhat overwhelming. After trying to equip each of them, on their level, we will simply pray and trust God to be working in their hearts as they experience what God has in store for them.
On the other hand~ I can't imagine what Tizita and Geremew must be thinking. They are reminded each day that we are going to be there soon. Can you imagine their little minds? What must they be thinking, hoping for, and dreaming of? There is no way that they could begin to imagine all that is ahead for them. A bed of their own, a playroom full of toys, food in the pantry always, a closet with shoes and clothes, and most importantly a family who loves them. A mom and dad that will never abandon them or ever leave them. A brother and three sisters who can't wait to love on them. Four Grandparents who have prayed for 18 long months for them to come home. Aunts and uncles who are ready to meet them. Sixteen cousins who know how to have fun! Unimaginable to them but it will soon be their reality and I just can't wait!

Tizita and Geremew,
A week from tomorrow I will be holding you in my arms. Sometimes this still feels like a dream. Daddy and I will get to introduce you to your big sisters and brother for the very first time and I just can't wait. I heard from Muluken that you are both super excited. Tizita, he told me that you were jumping and clapping when he told you that we were going to come soon. I can see you now bouncing up and down with that amazing smile on your face. Geremew, He said that you had a huge smile and I am sure that your heart must be so happy. I loved talking to you both on the phone and hearing the excitement in your precious voices when we talked about being there soon. It will be very soon........last night I packed both of your suitcases and I am super excited for the day when you get to open them. In 11 short days I pray that you are ours, the suitcases are open and we are playing games as a family! I look forward to sharing with you all that God has in store for your special lives. I can't wait to laugh with you, cry with you, hurt with you, rejoice with you and watch you become exactly who God has made you to be. I love you more than you will ever know~ Mom

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

For 4 years now.......

From my first visit to Ethiopia in 2006 God really started working on my heart in one particular area. When I stepped out of my comfortable life and experienced life like most of the world daily experiences it my heart broke and I couldn't stay the same. It started as a young mother handed me her baby and with tears in her eyes she said, "She is starving and will die please help her because I can't." We were at the medical clinic in Langano and as I held this precious tiny baby my heart broke. My mind started racing with all that I had, all that my kids had and to think that children were literally starving was more than I could handle. Yes, I had heard the stories and I had even seen the videos from third world countries but to actually be standing holding a baby who was starving literally broke my heart. I cried for what seemed like hours after that encounter. How could I have lived for years and turned a blind eye to the physical needs of others? For years I had thought that I was following God completely but really I only wanted to follow when it was safe or comfortable. God was shaping my heart and it was painful!

Obviously most of you are not in a third world country today(however several of you are) but I want you to think about a few things- (If you are at home I want you to go to your closet and then do this with your kids):

How many pairs of shoes do you have? Think about the millions who are walking around today barefoot when you always need, "Just one more pair" (Order some Tom's and don't receive your pair have them send to those in need as well)

Look at all of the clothes- Why do you always seem to think that you have nothing to wear? Think about the man, woman or child who has nothing today to cover their body. (Clean out your closet and give away as much as possible to a family in need)

Think about your shower this morning. In the amount of time that you took your shower today 30 children died due to not having clean drinking water. That is 4,000 children a day! (Go to to see how you can help)

What have you had to eat today? You probably ate more for breakfast this morning than some have in an entire week. How many times have you (or your kids) said, "We have nothing to eat in this house", when in fact if you lived in the rest of the world your family has enough for more than a month. (Clean out your pantry and take it to the Harvest food bank in your area or eat PBand J for several meals this week and give the money that you saved to someone in need)

Think about the car you drive. Every few years you feel that you "need" a new one or nicer one while millions travel miles and miles on foot each day just to survive. The amount that you spend on an average car could build 6 or 7 clean water wells for those who each walk miles and miles daily just to get water (not even clean water) for their family. (

Just a few things to think about and I hope that you won't just think about them but act on them. Since my return home from Ethiopia in 2006 it has been very hard for me to spend money on much of anything. It took me weeks to be able to push a cart in the grocery store and fill it up. I would stop each day and get just what was needed for dinner because I couldn't justify the fact that children and adults in the world were starving while we had plenty.

Going to the mall at times becomes overwhelming. Seeing so many buying what they don't need, with money they don't have all the while people in our world are literally wasting away. This breaks my heart and sometimes makes me angry. When those feelings overcome me I just remind myself that God is working on my heart and I can't expect the hearts of others to worked on in the same way at the same time. I do however feel that if we say we are a follower of Him we can't turn a blind eye (like I had for all of my Christ following years), we can't keep purchasing more for ourselves, and we can't expect someone else to do something about the fact that people are in need. He has called us and the time is now for us to change our perspective, teach our children and follow hard to love and care for those He has called for us to care for! Need can be next door, in our community, or half way around the world- Just open your eyes and God will use you in ways that you can't begin to imagine-

As far as our family goes, we have made changes on how we spend and now support a family living with the reality of HIV each month, we provide lunch for starving kids at a school, and we give in many other rewarding ways. Do we miss what we could have purchased? No- We are just thankful that we are able to help others. Helping others is always more rewarding than being selfish. If you are willing....... He will do great things using you!

My mind is full of all of this today because today for the first time in 4 years I am going to go and shop with no guilt. No guilt because I am not going all out but I will purchase Tizita and Geremew their first pair of shoes, their first new clothes, first toothbrush, first under panties/underwear and thier very first Bible. I am so thankful that when God called us to be a family to the fatherless that we said yes! Will we be able to provide all that our "US world" has to offer? Probably not but will two orphans be loved forever and know the love of our Father? You better believe it!

Tizita and Geremew,
Only a week and 2 days until I will hold you in my arms. Today I will go and get to do some shopping for you which stills seems unbelievable to me. I know that it will be a day full of emotion for me as I imagine you both in the shoes and clothes that I purchase. Geremew, I look forward to you having shoes that fit your precious feet so that you can play soccer with even more skill. Dad will not have a chance against you when you have shoes on that fit! Tizita, I can't wait to pick out a special dress and I just know that when you put it on you will feel like a princess. I can't wait to see both of you smile as you realize that for the first time you have your own outfit that fits and you don't have to share it with anyone. I do however hope that very quickly Dad and I can teach you that sharing all you have is what God has called us to. I can't wait for each night when we pull out your Bible and devotion books and read before bed of God's many promises and instructions. It won't be long and we will all be together! I love you both with an unexplainable love! Love, Mom

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

10 months later..............

We have a Court Date! June 28th (two weeks from yesterday) we will be in court in Addis!

It has been almost ten (LONG) months since I have updated our blog. I have been keeping a written journal but at this time most of that can't be shared here. One day I will add all of my journaling to this blog but since we aren't finished with this process I will wait. The journey has been one marked with much pain, trust and hope- God has moved huge mountains that only He could move and I look forward to the day that Tizita and Geremew get to hear the stories of how God did amazing things in order for them to become part of our family. At one point in this journey we were told that Tizita and Geremew were not adoptable yet we didn't give up (we fought harder) and today we are so thankful that we didn't!

I (or David) will be updating our blog each day from now until we return home from Ethiopia on August 7th. Due to the adoption laws changing in Ethiopia we will leave here on June 24th and stay in Addis from our court date on the 28th until our Embassy date several weeks later. We are thrilled that Megan, Kaylee, Jacob and Lindsay will be traveling with us. They are all looking forward to six weeks in Addis getting to know their new brother and sister.

This process isn't over for us and we ask that you pray for our court date on the 28th. We will be the first family traveling for the court date in our agency and we haven't heard of families from any other agencies that have gone to court. We could be one of the first families to go to court under the new law and so we (nor our agency) know what to expect. We do know that we will pick Tizita and Geremew up the morning of court and they will attend court with us. If we pass they are ours and will remain with us until our return home.

As a family we are thrilled and all 6 of us still can't believe that after so many months of praying- we are actually packing to go. We laugh and cry often as we just can't wait to have our family all together and we know that it will be soon. Tizita and Geremew know that we are going to be there soon and after spending time with us in November I am sure that they are just as excited as us that the wait is almost over.

Our plane tickets are purchased, our reservations at the Ethiopian Guest Home are made, and our suitcases are ready to be packed.............after 18 months of waiting we are less than 10 days away from going to get our precious twins! Counting down the hours until our Forever Family will be complete.

Tizita and Geremew,
The end is near........two weeks from tonight daddy and I hope to get to tuck you in to bed. A night that we have dreamed of, prayed for and tried to imagine. Each afternoon here and bedtime for you there I pray that God will tuck you in until we can. I hate to think that you go to bed not feeling the love of a mom and dad. I pray each day that as you both drift off to sleep that you will remember the fun time we had in November and that you would know that we love you. All 6 of us just can't wait to hold you in our arms, play with you and simply love you. You have the best sisters and brother in the world who have prayed each day (many times a day) that you would come home. They long for you to be here with us and they have so many fun things here at home waiting for you. Just a few more days and we will all be together to face the ups and downs of life- I love you both more than you will ever know and I can't wait to hold you again- Mommy