Friday, October 7, 2011

His Story..........

The man to the left is reading a story about our family-Not our story but His story. He is attending the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta and this photo was sent to us from a friend who was sitting behind this man as he read the story.
Several months ago a lady from the Catalyst Conference contacted me to see if our family would be willing to share our adoption journey with the Catalyst community that is gathering this week. I of course said yes and that it isn't our story but God's story being played out as we simply follow Him.
My prayer is that the thousands of church leaders that are gathered in Atlanta for these few days will read this story and feel led to do their part to care for orphans in our world. So many times people who are attending this conference today feel that in ministry they can't afford to adopt or even begin to think about the journey of adoption. I hope and pray that when they read the story of how God provided for our family when we were simply willing to trust and follow Him that their hearts will be changed and challenged. That many of the thousands of leaders attending this conference will see the plight of the orphan and that many fatherless will have fathers as these leaders trust and follow Him.
I went back and reread this story today since months have passed from when I first wrote this article. God nudged at my heart as I read about how He had provided every penny that we needed to bring our precious twins home. We continue to feel God leading us to bring Limme home to be part of our forever family, yet I continue to see the financial piece as more than overwhelming. We have not one extra dollar to begin the process but today in my own words, I was reminded that I didn't provide it the first time- He did! He provided and will provide everything needed when He calls us to a task. Trusting Him with that today and glad that He has called us to share His story with those who I pray will step up and be His hands and feet to the fatherless of our world. I am thankful that today I was reminded of His provision.

Humbled that He uses us and so thankful that we have followed every step of the way!