Thursday, July 2, 2009

Excited Yet Deeply Sad!

Our emotions the last week have been hard to keep up with! 
Some of our good friends just found out yesterday that they are now parents of two daughters who currently live with our twins in Ethiopia. We are so exited for the Murphy's and know how hard the waiting has been for them. When we heard that they had passed court yesterday, we rejoiced that they were now parents of the two precious Ethiopian girls. We just cant wait to meet their daughters and see their family complete. 
Of course in our excitement for them we felt a little sad that our children are still waiting and we are still waiting with no news at all. We have left several messages for our adoption agency the past week and a half and finally spoke to someone yesterday who promises to get back with us soon. How our hearts break knowing that we are ready to bring our children home yet we have no idea what is holding up the process.
Starting last week I have a really hard time every time we finish a meal. Not something I have vocalized much but each time I see our left over food or throw food away my heart deeply hurts. We received a photo two weeks ago of our kids at meal time. All of the kids were sitting on the floor with a small bowl of food in front of them. They were all bowing their heads and had their hands folded as they thanked God for what He had provided.  I know that I have two precious children half way around the world that are hungry and they don't even realize it and here we have so much to give yet we simply can't. When I feel this deep sadness I just continue to pray for the time to pass quickly and for all eight chairs around our kitchen table to be filled. 
I hold on to the fact that God's time for things is perfect and He has called us to obey Him- We are obeying His call to care for the fatherless and He will work out every small detail in His time- We continue to trust, hope, cry and rejoice as we face the days ahead-