Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Update from the Murphy Family

Here is a message that we received today from our friends the Murphy's who have spent the last few days with our son and daughter in Ethiopia:

Just have a couple minutes, but wanted to tell you again that your kids are SO MUCH MORE than cute kids in pictures from a transition house half-way around the world. They are amazing!!! They are both sweet and very responsive to affection and very much understanding that they are loved by you and pursued by you. We spent a good bit of time with them on Monday and today, just getting to know them. It seems that G is athletic and loves to play soccer in the courtyard. I got some great pictures of him in the act. T is so sweet with a smile that lights up the room. I've seen the pictures of her to date, and NONE OF THEM comes close to seeing that smile in person. Both of them have tons of friends and they are always in the middle of the action. They loved their gifts and T is proudly wearing her locket and taking every opportunity to show it off. We noticed that G got two cars in his bag and promptly gave one to T.

I wish the call yesterday could have been made at a more agreeable time than 6 in the morning, but we did not know when we'd get another opportunity like the one that was before us. I was literally shaking as I held the phone to their ears, so thrilled and honored to put the two of you together even by telephone. I have no idea what I said as there was so much to take in with that moment.

We cannot wait for these kids to be part of your family, in your home, and part of our community. We will all be the better for it. We love all of the Hendersons, the NC branch and the ET branch.

Risking and Loving,


I will blog more later about the wonderful phone call that came to our house yesterday morning at 6:00am! Their voices are still ringing in my head!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The First Time.......

I am not able to sleep tonight because I just received some new photos Tizita and Geremew before going to bed. As I went to bed praying for them my heart was sad that they continue to have to wait for us to bring them home. In my sadness God reminded me that He is in control and I started to think about when we actually do get to bring them home. I started to think of all of the first time experiences that our family will soon watch unfold with Geremew and Tizita. Here is a list of several things that I can't wait to see them experience for the first time in their lives:
I can't wait to see them:
....look at us for the first time and know that we are real!
....hug their new brother and sisters.
....tucked into their very own bed (they have never had a bed to call their own).
....be tickled by their Daddy.
....take a warm bubble bath (they have never had a warm bath- probably not a bath at all).
....ride on an airplane to their new country.
....walk into their new home and see their new rooms.
....play in our playroom.
....meet their four wonderful grandparents.
....go into our pantry for a snack of their choice (they have never been able to "snack").
....splash in the swimming pool.
....play hide and go seek with our family.
....talk on the phone for the first time. 
....make pancakes with their siblings.
....snuggled up in our bed for Saturday morning family time.
....pray around our table at dinner.
....dance and sing at Kidstuf on Sunday mornings.
....meet all 16 cousins.
....call us mom and dad.
....have McDonald's for the first time.
....have brand new shoes that fit perfectly.
....ride their bikes down our street.
....eat an ice cream cone.
....watch snow fall (it doesn't snow in Ethiopia)
....visit the dentist (Dr. Massari- Wilson is the best!)
....paint a picture.
....have their first ever birthday party.
....play in the sand at the beach.
....in a brand new outfit that belongs only to them.
....swing on a swing at the park.
....decorate our Christmas tree.
....laugh at one of Jacob's jokes.
....cook in the kitchen with Kaylee.
....dance in our basement with Lindsay.
....sing at the top of their lungs with Megan.
....fall in love with Jesus!

The list could go on and on but the very last one that I thought of was that I can't wait until they both mess up and they realize that their mom and dad still love them! I can't wait to see them know that they are loved unconditionally with a love that will last forever- To see them know that we will always be their mom and dad-

So many of these things that I listed are taken for granted by me. I can have a snack anytime, my shoes all fit, I know that I am loved, and I have a family- So many children in this world have none of these- As I go back to bed tonight I will pray that more families will say yes to God's call to love those who are fatherless and allow many more children to experience all of these "first's".

Tizita and Geremew,
Your mom loves you and her heart aches that she can't bring you home. I know that God is in complete control and although I don't understand why He is allowing this long time of waiting- I completely trust Him.  I just can not wait for you to be an everyday part of our family and I look forward to so many first things with you both! You are loved more than you could ever begin to imagine and prayed for more than any two children I know- As you wake up this morning I pray that you will feel loved! Longing for the day that I can hold you both, Mom