Monday, August 15, 2011


It has been amazing to our family how quickly Tia and Garrett have picked up English. To see this video from a year ago and to hear her speak now is amazing! Although they have come so far sometimes they still say the cutest things! Here are a few that have been shared at our house the past few weeks......

Garrett was in a little bit of trouble the other day and so I said, "Garrett, look at my eyes." He quickly responded, "Mom, I already know what your eyes look like and I haven't forgotten how they look. Why do I need to see them again?."

Yesterday in the car it was "Soaking Hot!" when we were leaving church.

Tia continues to get cutie and pretty mixed up and she says, "Cutie, cutie please" often prior to correcting herself.

While fixing her hair the other day Tia said, "Mom, my hair looks like pasta!" At first I didn't understand and then she said, "You know the kind that we put red sauce on." So I guess her hair looks like spaghetti to her.

On Saturday, I had the boys go out and pull a few weeds in the front yard. I was explaining to Garrett how to pull the weeds and he said, "Mom, this is kind of dumb. You know that God makes these things grow right back. We are outside mom and green stuff is suppose to grow so why would we pull it up?" I have to agree with him but we needed them pulled.

Tia let us know this week that when she grows up that she is going to be a "rock star" and when she is not being a "rock star" she will be a "professional dancer" or maybe just a "karate girl." She followed this up by singing....."Someday Tia's gonna be a famous rock star....." to the tune of Taylor Swifts song Mean at the top of her lungs.

Garrett stopped while putting ice in the glasses one night last week for dinner and said, "Dad, who keeps putting the ice in here?" After a year of never seeing us put ice in the ice maker he wondered who put it there.

It is always fun to watch them have new experiences and I love to see them discover their new world even one year later.

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