Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's the little things......

A tin sign that hangs in my older girls bathroom says, "Don't miss the little things because one day you may look back and realize they were the big things." A few weeks ago God used that little sign that was given to us by a dear friend a few years ago to get my attention. As you can imagine my life is very full, busy and fast paced which many times makes almost everything seem little and insignificant. In all of the busyness God reminded me to slow down and not miss the little things..........

Less than a week later I found myself in Greenville, South Carolina celebrating Kaylee's 14th birthday. This was not a typical 14th birthday party but instead I glanced over and saw my daughter and seven of her friends with their hands held high in worship at a Hillsong United concert. God whispered, "Mendy, Don't miss this." Tears streamed down my face as I sang, "I see a generation rising up to take their place......" I thought about the fact that my daughter had chosen to spend this special time worshiping with her friends and I am so glad that I didn't miss it!

This summer Megan had to do an interview in order to be accepted into the school that she wanted to attend this school year and as I sat beside her during the interview I was glad that I hadn't missed it. The lady interviewing ask Megan, "Where do you see yourself in ten years?" Megan didn't hesitate and she said, "I see myself teaching as a missionary in another country." Again large tears formed in my eyes and as much as that scares this mom to death I am so glad that we decided to take our entire family to Ethiopia last summer. At the time it seemed like a little (but expensive) thing as we were deciding whether or not our entire family should go. Was it easy? No, but I know that each little thing that happened in Ethiopia last summer have added up to big things in the lives of my children to the point of changing the course of their lives.

The first day of school Lindsay came home very excited because she was chosen to be the classroom leader. In the busyness of filling out paperwork (I have signed no less than a million forms in the past two weeks), figuring out homework for six and preparing snacks I could have missed it. Instead I celebrated with her- I am so glad that I didn't get so busy and overlook what could have been considered a little thing in my day when in reality is was a big thing for my daughter.

As I hold my weeping daughter and remind her that I love her and will never leave her, as I whisper in my youngest sons ear that I think that he is amazing and I am so proud to be his mom, as I listen to stories from Jacob's trip to Mexico, as I wash two loads of laundry each day, as I explain another math problem, as I pack six lunches a day, as I read bedtime stories, as I listen to my kids pray, as I watch my kids serve, as I discipline my children, as I sweep the floor again, as I greet David, as I tuck six kids in, as I have lunch with a friend, as I wipe a tear, as I sit across the table from a younger couple and try to speak wisdom, as I sit in the backseat while my oldest learns to drive, as I sit quietly with my Father and as I see two very broken and unsure kids start to show affection and feel secure I don't want to miss it because these aren't just little things!

What are you considering little? What are you missing?

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