Monday, August 1, 2011


These containers that hold grain in Werke's hut apparently have been empty for a while. Many of you have contacted me over the past few days wanting an update on her medical condition yet every time I sit down to write an update I am not sure that I can even type with the tears that flow down my face. So here it goes......

Werke traveled to Addis late last week and had an MRI, ultrasound and blood work. On Friday Nicco took her to get the results of the testing and although her condition is better than we first thought, it is heart breaking to me. The doctor came in and explained that her medical issues are all due to malnutrition. As the doctor was talking and asking her questions she broke down and cried as she explained to the physician that she goes four or five days at a time without food in order to feed her children. Due to the fact that Werke has not been eating she has damaged several of her organs. Several of her organs are enlarged and not working properly now simply because she has been starving. The doctor gave her two units of blood and some medication in hopes to help her liver function.

I have known for over a year that Tia and Garrett were placed into an orphanage because of the poverty that Werke faced. This is more of a reality to me now more than ever. The sad part to me is that Nicco has money provided by us to care for Werke's basic needs yet she was embarrassed to let him know of her needs. At first I was upset that Werke had not been honest when Nicco would ask if she had needs yet when I started to think about myself in her position I am sure that I would have done the same. She explained to Nicco that she wanted to be able to care for her family and I am sure if I were her I would have been embarrassed to have needed help. I hope that she now realizes that we will take care of her needs and that she never has to be embarrassed with us or with Nicco.

I simply can't imagine..........she has been going to bed every night hungry. Not hungry like we think of hungry because we missed one meal or our bedtime snack but a hungry that we will never know. I can't imagine being at a place of almost starving to death yet Werke has found herself there. I can't imagine being a mom who is alone on a small remote island with literally no food.

Werke stayed in the city with Nicco this weekend and he was helping reintroduce her to eating. Apparently when you haven't had much food for a while your body rejects it when you begin to consume again. If she was able to eat properly by today (Monday) then he was taking her to purchase four types of grain, spices and anything else that he felt that she and the kids would need for the next six months. He will then return her to the island and make sure that she has more than enough food to care for her family until David's visit in a few months.

Please join me in praying for Werke. Pray that she will know that she is loved and that her basic needs will be provided for. Pray that she will feel God's love by His provision for her and her family. Pray for her heart to be open to receive the love, joy, peace and comfort that only He can give.

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