Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thanks for praying..........

Thanks for praying.........
Werke was willing to travel with Nicco today to Addis to get the medical care that she needs. Here is a photo of her and Allo (a sibling of Tia and Garrett and you can read more about her from my blog on Aug 31, 2010 labeled Need.....) as they took the long 2 hour boat ride to the mainland this afternoon. They then traveled by car for 3 hours and so I am sure that they are tired and scared.
Werke will see a doctor tomorrow morning and so please pray that the doctor will quickly be able to know the extent of what her health situation is.
Thanks for thinking of our family- many of you have contacted us on how to help and for this we are so thankful!

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  1. I am praying with you and for you and all of Tia and Garrett's family. This has been a burden on my heart since the day you brought them home. I hope to be able to help you some day in some way. The seed is certainly planted! God Bless Werke!
    Georgann Hickman