Thursday, September 29, 2011


I am so thankful that today Tia and Garrett's little brother (pictured above) is no longer drinking this! Praise be to God that clean water is now flowing and available. This has been no easy task (by now we should know that anything we are involved in takes a little more prayer and a little more time than expected) as rock continued to be an issue as Water is Life tried to drill for water. Thankfully a few springs were located near the edge of the lake and they were capped, protected and pumped up in order to provide clean drinking water for the entire island.
Last Friday as David and I were enjoying our date day we received word that the water was flowing and of course our eyes started flowing. Tears of great joy as we thought about those who were in real need and that need had been met. Tears of joy for each person who made this a reality- First graders who gave up ice cream for a month, those who held garage sales, kids who heard about this at Garrett and Tia's school last year who brought their entire piggy banks, friends who I haven't seen since high school, great friends who live on the other side of the country, military who gave their bonus check, girls in Nebraska who shared the need in their school, those who sold crazy things on e-bay, our extended family, and many, many more have given. To think that thousands of dollars were given so quickly in order for this to happen still amazes me-
I clearly remember my long conversation with God last year as we pulled away from the island and I felt the weight of this great need. How I knew that we had a HUGE task ahead yet I had no idea how God was going to help us provide the much needed water. I would never have guessed all of those that He used to make this provision a reality.
David will be traveling to Ethiopia in November (and I get to go in December) to spend extended time on the island with our friends and family- We will then have many photos and video of the water............. flowing! For this we are more than thankful-


  1. What wonderful news! I think I found another picture of Tia the other day... I'll try to remember to get it to you soon.