Wednesday, March 23, 2011


If you read my last blog you know that I have spent several days seeking wisdom on what God is asking me to do to help a precious orphan named Limme. One night last week as our family finished dinner David and I started talking about Limme. All of our kids had been excused from the table except for Kaylee and she joined in our conversation. David glanced over at me and said, "Why don't you just call our agency and check in to see what his status is."

Just as David finished speaking those words Kaylee said, "Megan already e-mailed our agency last month and he doesn't have a family." As she was speaking she got up from the table and went to find her computer. I wasn't sure I understood what Kaylee had said but I thought that she said that Megan had contacted our agency last month about Limme. As I tried to process those words Kaylee came bouncing back in with her computer and opened an e-mail conversation between the owner of our agency and Megan.

I started to cry as I read the following:

From: Megan Henderson []

Sent: Thursday, February 17, 2011 10:33 PM


Subject: Lemee?!


My name is Megan Henderson. We adopted Tizita and Geremew about 8 months ago. Frequently they talk about a little boy named Lemee? I dont know if that is how you spell it. I remember seeing him when we went to the orphanage because he is from the same island as Tizita and Geremew. If you know anything about him, could you let me know if he already has an adoptive family. Tizita and Geremew say that he does not, and I just really need to know! I would appreciate if you answered as soon as possible! Thanks so much!

Megan Henderson

To think that our 15 year old daughter had thought enough about this special little boy to somehow find the e-mail address to our agency and ask about him without us knowing was somewhat overwhelming to me. As tears were flowing I prayed that God would clearly mark out a path for our family. That He would give us the strength to help Limme find a loving home. I do not think that it is by accident that my daughter and son both are asking about Limme.

The response we received from our agency was my greatest fear. Nobody has been fighting for Limme but the tide is turning and he now has us fighting to get him into a home where he deserves to be.

Good morning Megan,

Just got your message; Just to let you know Leme is not paper ready and we are not sure if he ever be paper ready. I’m as good as what information I get from the orphanage. I have asked the orphanage questions that you asked us about Leme. The only thing I know now is to wait until we hear from them.

I’m sure you understand that Hope would love to see older children get adopted. We also understand how hard it is for older children to find a loving home. Having this in mind we are doing to do everything we can in this case. We certainly appreciate you and your family in your intentions in hoping to find a loving home for him.

Thank you,


I continue to pray for just the right family for Limmee if it is our family we are open to that but if it is another family we pray that God would be opening their hearts to having him become theirs. Again I am amazed that God uses our family to bring about His purpose in this world.......... Each time I think about that e-mail sent by Megan last month I say......REALLY? God what are you up to?

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