Saturday, March 5, 2011

First Slippers........

Tonight my youngest two princesses are off for a night full of fun with David at the Daddy-Daughter Dance. For several weeks we have been talking about, making plans for and shopping for this very special night.

Last Friday night David and I took Tia and Lindsay out to find the perfect dresses for the big occasion. This is only the second time that Tia has ever been shopping for clothes for herself and she seemed very excited. Much like her first shopping experience she was a bit overwhelmed with all of the choices of pretty dresses but quickly found several that she wanted to try on. Just like her first shopping experience she was a little nervous when we went into the dressing room to try the dresses on. Once she got inside the dressing room, undressed and slipped on the first princess looking dress she was all smiles. Tears filled my eyes as she twirled around and looked at her self over and over in the mirror.

As Tia gazed at herself in the mirror with tears in my eyes I prayed that God would help her to know just how beautiful she is. My mind raced as she tried on dress after dress thinking of what her emotions must be. Had she dreamed of one day wearing such a dress? With each new dress that she tried her smile grew larger and it was a joy to get to watch.

After both Tia and Lindsay had picked the perfect dress we were on a hunt for perfect shoes. Of course they both found shoes with a very small heel and fell in love with them. Tia picked a silver pair and Lindsay picked a white pair. As I helped Tia put on the silver shoes that she had picked again tears as I watched her glow with delight. She stood up, danced around and quickly found a mirror to get a look at what she looked like with these fancy shoes on.

We then had the dresses and shoes when the girls started asking if they could maybe get a purse to carry. David said that we would look to see if we could find purses that they would both like. The two of them had already seen some and quickly told us where some small fancy purses could be found. They were precious as they looked at the purses. I heard Lindsay tell Tia that their purses needed to match their shoes (Their mom grew up in the South and so of course she had passed this important information on!) Tia agreed and they were helping each other find just the perfect purses to match their new shoes.

When we were finished finding just the right things to make the night special the girls were out in front of David and I as we walked in the mall. I knew that David was thinking and feeling the same thoughts and feelings that I had. We looked at each other and then both glanced at Tia. I then uttered as I choked back tears, "Her world has changed so much and I can't begin to imagine what she must think." David just nodded and like me tried to hold back the tears.

This afternoon Tia could not wait for the time to come to put on her beautiful, sequined dress. Two hours prior to departure time she stared asking if she could get ready and so we started with her hair and painting her nails. Next, I put a robe on her and explained that we needed to wait until it was almost time to go before she should put on her fancy dress. She looked at the clock many times over the next hour and a half. Finally the time came for the fancy dress and shoes to go on. She and Lindsay were giggling with delight as they dresses and slipped on their shoes.

Tonight my Princesses and my Prince are dancing the night away as I sit and think about how thankful I am. Thankful that our Princess Tia, for the first time in her life, feels and looks like a princess. Thankful that tonight a pair of feet that have been dirty and sore from having no shoes for years have Princess slippers on them. Thankful that Tia and Lindsay have each other because I know first-hand that sisters are best friends. Thankful that for the first time in her life- Tia has a daddy who loves her unconditionally with a love that she can't begin to comprehend. Thankful that a year ago as David and Lindsay were at the Daddy/Daughter Dance that God held me as I cried out to him to bring our precious daughter home so she could experience this kind of night- He answered and I am forever thankful that I get to be this Princess's mommy forever!