Saturday, June 19, 2010

Excitement building at our house......

Yesterday and today have been days full of excitement at our house. Megan, Kaylee, Jacob and Lindsay returned home yesterday after spending a week with their cousins and grandparents in Atlanta and Knoxville. When they arrived home we were in the middle of packing and so they all four jumped in and started to pack their bags along with us. It has been such a joy to watch them all get so excited for what is ahead.
Tonight at bedtime I had the huge blessing of seeing all of Lindsay's joy expressed while we were saying bedtime prayers and it is a special time that I will never forget. Each night for 18 months we have prayed for Tizita and Geremew to get to come home as soon as possible and for the last week and a half we have been thanking God for where we are now in the process. Tonight Lindsay was all covered up in her bed and I was kneeling beside her...........As I was praying I was thanking God that in a few short days Lindsay would get to meet her new sister and brother. As I was praying these words she was so excited that she started kicking her feet, shaking and just giggling out of excitement and she didn't stop until I was finished praying. PURE JOY! She then started to pray and her excitement was so fun to hear as she expressed her thanks and joy to our Father. A precious memory that I will treasure forever of my sweet six year old knowing that her heavenly Father had heard her cries to bring her sister and brother home and that He was answering her prayer.
Only 4 more days and we are off to be with Tizita and Geremew- Only 5 more X's on their count down calendar (see my facebook wall) and they will be with us~ Their Forever Family! Excited doesn't begin to express the emotion found in our home............Rejoicing, Praising and Packing!

Tizita and Geremew,
I know that you both must get so excited each day to put another X mark on your count down calendar. We are so excited that in 5 short days we will be there laughing and playing with you. Your sisters and brother just can't wait and they have been packing some pretty fun things for you to enjoy while we are in Ethiopia. Both of your suitcases are packed full of new clothes, shoes and a few fun things mixed in and we can't wait for you to both open them.
I just can't wait for you to get to meet Megan, Kaylee, Jacob and Lindsay- You are going to have so much fun with each of them. Tizita, Lindsay has your bed all ready and you even have a baby doll waiting on your bed for you to play with. Geremew, Jacob can't wait to have you share his room. He told me tonight that he hopes you like the bottom bunk because he sure does like the top but he also said that he would let you pick. You will never know how much your siblings have prayed for and cried for you over the past 18 months. All four of them love you both so much and they just can't wait to get there to be with you.
Tomorrow here in the US we celebrate Father's Day. It is a special day where we show our father how much we love him. I sure wish that you could be here with you daddy tomorrow- Thankfully only a few more days and he will get to be with you.
I hope that you are sleeping well as I write this and I pray that you know the love that we have for both of you. Have a great Sunday and next Sunday we will be there with you! I Love You~ Mommy


  1. Mendy, This post brings tears to my eyes! You surely must be a proud mama - of all 6!! =)

  2. So excited Mendy! I wish we could be there to celebrate with you!!! Love you all!!