Sunday, June 27, 2010


What crazy emotions a few days can stir up. I think I have expreienced every emotion imaginable over the course of just a few days. The excitement of flying half way around the world , the joy of seeing all 6 of my children interact for the first time, the pain of watching my kids see great physical needs first hand, the fear of meeting our twins birth family, the unknown of being the first family to ever go to court, and that is just a few of the emotions that I have felt the first few days here.

Our time with Tizita and Geremew has been amazing and they are such precious kids who fit perfectly into our family. I have really enjoyed watching Megan, Kaylee, Jacob and Lindsay interact with both of them in their own special ways. I have shed many tears watching Jacob hug and put his arm around Geremew (Here in Ethiopia men put their arms around each others neck to show they care and even though Jacob didn't know that he naturally has done this to Geremew the entire time). Geremew was very shy on Friday and seemed somewhat afaid and so I really think that this physical touch from Jacob completely changed his fear and uncertainty- On Saturday he had no fear and played and laughed with us all day.

It completely amazed me that Tizita really wanted to share her backpack of toys with all of the other children at the orphanage. For the first time in her life she has a few things that belong to her and she quickly wanted to give them to others to enjoy. Her friend, Enat,spent a good bit of time with us yesterday and Tizita wanted to make sure that Enat felt just as special as she was feeling. Such a gift to see her caring heart for others. This is something that he hope and pray that we can guide and direct as she comes to America and has more- More not for herself but more for her to share!

I know that many of you would like to see photos but until tomorrow morning after we pass court we are not really allowed to share photos. We promise in the next day or two (Lord willing we will have passed court) we will upload some fun photos of our first few days as a Forever Family.

Tonight at 6:00pm (10:00am for you) we will meet Tizita and Geremew's birth family. Please pray for that meeting to go well. I am so unsure of what to expect and I know that it will not be easy for me. Pray that God's love will be very evident in all that our family says and does as we great and love on their family. We pray that one day this family will love the Lord with all of their heart and we pray that He will use us in the process starting in a few short hours from now.

Pray for us as you head to bed tonight- We will go to court at 9:00am (2:00am for you) tomorrow morning- We all pray that this is a quick and easy process and that by lunch time tomorrow we will truely be The Henderson's- Party of Eight!

Tizita and Geremew,
What a joy it has been to hear you call me Mum the past few days- Sweet music to my ears. I love that now Lindsay, Jacob, Kaylee and Megan call me Mum sometimes as well. Your precious smiles have lit up heart and I love to hear you both laugh. I know that you haven't laughed much in the past two years and so I know that we have a lot of missed laughing to make up for in the weeks and months ahead. I am praying like crazy today that tomorrow I will never have to say goodbye or leave you again. I can't wait to be in court and hear the judge declare that you are both ours. My heart has longed for tomorrow for months and I can't wait to celebrate the end of this long journey of waiting for you to become ours. We will rejoice and celebrate BIG! I pray that you rest well tonight and I can't wait to see you at the court house in the morning!

Today is a special day for us- We get to meet your birth family and hear all about what your first 4 years of life were like. I am going to soak it all up and remember each detail to share with you as you get older and want to know. I promise to always be honest with you and answer as many questions about how you became ours as I can. You are both truely special and I know that God has big plans for both of you.
You are loved beyond measure-


  1. What an amazing journey. Prayers and blessings ((hugs))