Tuesday, June 15, 2010

10 months later..............

We have a Court Date! June 28th (two weeks from yesterday) we will be in court in Addis!

It has been almost ten (LONG) months since I have updated our blog. I have been keeping a written journal but at this time most of that can't be shared here. One day I will add all of my journaling to this blog but since we aren't finished with this process I will wait. The journey has been one marked with much pain, trust and hope- God has moved huge mountains that only He could move and I look forward to the day that Tizita and Geremew get to hear the stories of how God did amazing things in order for them to become part of our family. At one point in this journey we were told that Tizita and Geremew were not adoptable yet we didn't give up (we fought harder) and today we are so thankful that we didn't!

I (or David) will be updating our blog each day from now until we return home from Ethiopia on August 7th. Due to the adoption laws changing in Ethiopia we will leave here on June 24th and stay in Addis from our court date on the 28th until our Embassy date several weeks later. We are thrilled that Megan, Kaylee, Jacob and Lindsay will be traveling with us. They are all looking forward to six weeks in Addis getting to know their new brother and sister.

This process isn't over for us and we ask that you pray for our court date on the 28th. We will be the first family traveling for the court date in our agency and we haven't heard of families from any other agencies that have gone to court. We could be one of the first families to go to court under the new law and so we (nor our agency) know what to expect. We do know that we will pick Tizita and Geremew up the morning of court and they will attend court with us. If we pass they are ours and will remain with us until our return home.

As a family we are thrilled and all 6 of us still can't believe that after so many months of praying- we are actually packing to go. We laugh and cry often as we just can't wait to have our family all together and we know that it will be soon. Tizita and Geremew know that we are going to be there soon and after spending time with us in November I am sure that they are just as excited as us that the wait is almost over.

Our plane tickets are purchased, our reservations at the Ethiopian Guest Home are made, and our suitcases are ready to be packed.............after 18 months of waiting we are less than 10 days away from going to get our precious twins! Counting down the hours until our Forever Family will be complete.

Tizita and Geremew,
The end is near........two weeks from tonight daddy and I hope to get to tuck you in to bed. A night that we have dreamed of, prayed for and tried to imagine. Each afternoon here and bedtime for you there I pray that God will tuck you in until we can. I hate to think that you go to bed not feeling the love of a mom and dad. I pray each day that as you both drift off to sleep that you will remember the fun time we had in November and that you would know that we love you. All 6 of us just can't wait to hold you in our arms, play with you and simply love you. You have the best sisters and brother in the world who have prayed each day (many times a day) that you would come home. They long for you to be here with us and they have so many fun things here at home waiting for you. Just a few more days and we will all be together to face the ups and downs of life- I love you both more than you will ever know and I can't wait to hold you again- Mommy

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  1. Wow Mendy. So thankful that our awesome God has heard the millions of prayers that have no doubt bombarded Him in these last 18 months!! We'll continue to pray for your time in Addis and equally for the transition time when you get back. We've seen so many mountains moved and so many setbacks turned into praise! As hard as it's been for you guys, I have loved watching this unfold because it so strengthens my faith in a loving, awesome, prayer answering God. We love you guys so much and cannot wait to meet Tizita and Geremew Henderson! :)