Sunday, May 10, 2009

A visit with our kids.......

I received an exciting e-mail early this weekend from our good friends Amy and Mike Rogers. They have been serving in Ethiopia as missionaries for the past year and a half and they contacted me to let me know that they will be visiting with our kids this Friday. They will be in Addis for a few days and they have set aside the entire day on Friday to visit with Tizita and Geremew. What a joy for me as a mom to know that our kids will be loved on, cared for, and have extra attention for a while this Friday! I look forward to having new pictures and more personal information on both of them after Mike and Amy's visit with them. Pray with me that as Mike and Amy love on them that they will understand that we are trying out hardest to get there as soon as possible to bring them home! 
We continue to wait for a court date and there seems to be a little bad news on the adoption front in Ethiopia. Apparently one of the adoption agencies in Addis has not been honest in the adoption process and has now caused the Judge to not hear any cases of adoption where the child or children were abandoned in Addis without more investigation. We have been told that our twins were not abandoned in Addis and so this should not effect our adoption, however it is so hard to get a straight answer. We continue to wait and pray knowing that God is in complete control. I hurt for those kids who were so close to being brought home who this will effect. Please pray with me that this quickly passes and that the children waiting can be with their forever families soon. 
It has been a wonderful Mother's Day (aside from Megan breaking her arm) and I look forward to next year having all 6 kids here withe me to celebrate- Trusting Him-

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  1. Such exciting news! I can't wait to hear how the visit goes!