Thursday, May 7, 2009

Joy in the waiting

As we continue to wait for a court date for our precious twins I was reminded today of how God patiently waits on me. I can't imagine the longing He must have had as He patiently waited for me to say yes to Him. This entire adoption process has made me think about my Heavenly Father and His adoption of me. The price He paid for me and for me alone- All of my sin He bore- long before I knew Him. 
I know how He patiently waited for me to trust Him alone - I am sure because He loved me so deeply yet couldn't be connected to me because of the sin that separated us. A decision He couldn't make for me he could only provide the way.
I know that He longs to hold me close, talk with me and listen to my every care. He longs to cheer me on and cry with me often.  I am the only one who can chose to allow this gift to be received. He offers but I have to accept.

As we are waiting patiently for our children to come home to us I catch only a glimmer of what my Father must feel! We have paid the price financially to bring our children home-He gave so much more. We now wait and it is completely out of our hands -He had to wait for me to say Yes to Him- He provided the way but I had to say yes. I long to hold our precious children and spend hours loving them knowing that I am not promised that they will love me back- He longs to have all of me and I am the one who can hold back anything by choice.

What an amazing Father I have that not only adopted me but is allowing me to adopt. This journey is changing my life and I know I will never be the same!  Thanks you God for the gift of waiting on you as I know that you so often wait on me- 

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