Monday, July 23, 2012

What We Know....

Many have contacted us the past few days asking what is going on and so here is a very brief update: Our case was filed in the courts of Ethiopia last Thursday. What this means is that all of our paperwork was turned in and we are now waiting for the court to give us an actual date to be in Ethiopia to be present in court- The last date given to our agency when they filed in court was for July 30th and so we will wait to see what date we are given. Also a member of Lemme's family will have another court date set for them to appear before the judge but this will not be at the same time that we are in court- (That is different than the day that we were in court with Werke- Tia and Garrett's birth mom) If both of these court dates happen before August 7th or 8th then Lemme will officially be a Henderson before the rainy season court closure happens in Ethiopia. If we were to pass court in August then we would travel back to America without Lemme (at least I think....David thinks I might stay) and wait for our Embassy appointment which I understand would be late September to early October. At that time David and I will travel over to bring Lemme home.  If we do not get a court date prior to court closing then we will be assigned a court date in October when court reopens and then Lemme should be home with us in December. Either way we know that God has got this- His plan and timetable is so much greater than ours and although we would love to know if we will be in Ethiopia within two weeks we will just have to wait to see.
As in all of this anything can change! When our agency called this morning she said that they feel there would be no reason that this couldn't be complete within the next two weeks. Again we are trusting Him and if the truth be told I am somewhat guarding my heart. I remember the pain and heartache that I felt a few years ago when the timeline given went from four months to almost two years when played out in reality.
For now our family of eight (or whoever happens to be home on any given day) is enjoying this season of having dad at home (David is on a 3 month sabbatical which is a blog in and of itself), swimming, playing games, having sleepovers, and just simply having fun. Thanks for praying for us as we follow Him closely and grow our family in the process!


  1. Thanks for the update - continued prayer.

    Are you fully funded or still fundraising?

  2. OK- Tell me where to 'chip in' please.

  3. You can give online at under the giving section their is a Henderson adoption spot for donations- Thanks A TON!