Friday, November 25, 2011


It is Black Friday and I am amazed at the consumerism of our country. I have heard of people camping out for over a week, standing in line for hours and literally physically fighting over items that soon will be forgotten. Today as I read these facts online I am reminded of our shopping experience this past week with our family-

David is traveling today to Ethiopia and he will spend a good amount of time with Tia and Garrett's birth family while he is there. We pray for and talk daily about their family and as most of you know Garrett continues to be concerned about their basic needs being met. As David's trip was approaching we headed out to find a few gifts to send to each of their siblings and to Werke, their birth mom.

As the eight of us entered Target the kids headed straight to the dollar spot and I thought that they would pick out a few dollar toys that they wanted to send to each sibling. I was so wrong! The very first thing that Garrett brought to me was a small pair of socks and he said, "Mom, these will be perfect for Abush." Abush is Garrett's four year old brother- Not a toy for a four year old but a pair of socks...... I took the socks holding back my tears and said, "Garrett, these will be great and if you want you can now pick out something for him to play with." Garrett replied, "No, he will need more than one pair of socks mom. He doesn't have even one pair." He then handed me more socks. My heart ached as I watched my son look over all of the fun things in order to provide for his brothers basic needs. We purchased socks for the entire family and then picked out a few fun things for each of them as well.

As we were checking out I could tell that they were excited to be sending gifts to their family and God did the neatest thing. The lady who was helping us check out continued to stop what she was doing to look at Tia every few seconds. I found it a little odd but many times in public people stare at our family. The employee finally said, "Where are they from?" As soon as she started to ask I knew that she was from Ethiopia. We explained that everything we were purchasing was for Tia and Garrett's family in Ethiopia. It was so neat that as we were purchasing these things that in Tia and Garrett's native language the cashier was speaking to them-

It is the little things that God does to amaze me. Not things that money can buy but the memories and lessons of life that He gives. So thankful that before the hustle and bustle of this season God reminded me yet again that a pair of socks for a precious boy would change his little life half way around the world.........


  1. Wow, that is awesome. Awesome.

  2. Can you post a link to where we can donate to Garrett's Heart. I want to post it to my Facebook so that my friends can also contribute.