Thursday, January 20, 2011


Sometimes I am almost breathless as I think back to the mountains that God moved to bring Tia and Garrett home to us. There are moments still each and every day day that stop me in my tracks and I praise Him for what He has done. I am not sure why but it still suprises me when I feel this overwhelming sense of emotion of gratitude for all that God has done. It is hard to admit but I expected to fall into a routine of life and I thought that these overwhelming moments of gratitude would subside with time. I am thankful that they haven't and I pray that I will continue to be overwhelmed with His goodness for the rest of my life as I mother Tia and Garrett.

On Tuesday evening, David returned home from work while Garrett was outside playing. I was cooking dinner and so David pulled up a chair and we were talking out our day just as we do most evenings. As we were talking Garrett came in and ran right past David. As soon as he passed him Garrett's face lit up and he stopped, turned, ran and jumped into David's lap as he screamed, "Daddy, I am so glad that you are home!" and covered him with kisses. It was truely a dream come true for me as I flashed back in my mind to the days that we cried out to God in this very kitchen to bring him home. I had dreams of days where not only Megan, Kaylee, Jacob and Lindsay would welcome David home but two others would join in. Tears streamed down my face and as I realized that my dream had come trueand my prayers answered. As I turned around Jacob was standing there, he hugged me and said, "Mom, I know those are happy tears because of Garrett being here." I nodded and continued to praise God in my heart for all that He has done.

Moments catch me off guard and I go from having a normal day to crying like a baby when I am reminded of our journey. I was in the car yesterday and a song came on that took me back a year ago. The words are.....

And the arms that hold the universe
Are holding you tonight
You can rest inside
It's going to be alright
And the voice that calmed the raging Sea
Is calling you His child
So be still and know He's in control
He will never let you go

Last year on painful days (which was almost every single day)of waiting, I would read scripture and sing this song over and over again knowing and believing this truth. That my God was in control and that He had the whole world in His hands. On those days all I knew to do was to trust because my hope was gone. I now hope and pray that I never forget the desperate feeling of knowing that I can't but God can. In my very busy life I am so thankful for those daily reminders of who I am and who He is when I look into the faces of my precious twins.

In first Samuel it is recorded that Samuel placed a stone between Mizpah and Shen after the Israelites defeated the Philistines. He named it Ebenezer saying, "Until now the Lord has helped us." He didn't want anyone to forget what God had done. As I am daily reminded to look back at all that God has done, I like Samuel want to raise an Ebenezer so that no one can forget all that the Lord has done to make our family complete!

What about you? Maybe you are where I was a year ago and feel overwhelmed with the task at hand- "Your God has helped you until now!" Maybe like me your life is full of joy at this moment- "Your God has helped you until now!" The arms that hold the Universe are holding you and everything is going to be alright. I think we need more Ebenezers in our lives to remind us of Who He is and who we are.

My prayer is that we never, ever, ever,ever forget His goodness, His power and His love for us as we travel this journey He has put before us-
1 Samuel 7

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