Thursday, September 9, 2010

Being Reserved............

Jacob shared with me two nights ago about the new "reserve policy" on the kickball field during recess. He was explaining that after he runs his laps at recess each day he is automatically on a kickball team because they "reserve" him prior to him being outside. When the first fourth grade class gets out to recess the two captains pick teams. They pick not only the kids standing there but they call reserve on a few other 4th graders as well. I was asking Jacob more about this and he explained that those kids who are better at kickball get picked on reserve prior to the kids who are standing there ready to be picked.

I don't think that Jacob understands completely that he must be really good at kickball to be "reserved" but I do know that he has been excited to already be wanted when he gets finished running his laps everyday. He doesn't have to wait in the group that were not reserved, instead he just heads out to the field and finds his place. As excited as I am for Jacob to be "reserved" each day it makes me think of all of the kids who aren't reserved.

I remember back to the days on the Mt. Olive Elementary School playground where I was one waiting to be picked. I was never last but very rarely first to be picked. I always felt sad for the kids who always were picked last because it was the same kids day after day. I often thought that if I were them I would just find something else to do during recess instead of being picked last each day and having to feel that pain of not being good enough.

To think about being held on "reserve" prior to being there to being picked last is a vast difference. As I thought about this the past few days I started to think of all of the kids around the world who are just waiting to be picked. They are waiting to be picked for something so much greater than a simple game of kickball but they are waiting to be picked to join a family. Many are on reserve right now and their families are preparing to bring them home, yet many are not.

The picture above is from our trip in November of last year as David and I were showing Tia and Garrett where their new home would be. They were so excited to know at that point that they were "reserved" and had been picked to be on our Henderson team. Yet my heart ached for the children in the orphanage who were not on reserve but were waiting to be picked. Day after day they are longing for someone to pick them.......... Could it be you that they are waiting for?

John 14:18 I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you

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