Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Deep Pain.....

I just left our newest son in his bed with his oldest sister. As I was tucking him in tonight tears started to  flow down his face right after prayer time. I quietly questioned why he was sad and he started to sob. He then muttered, "I am going to miss Megan." He was then weeping loudly.
The deep pain and loss that he has endured in his young life is more than I can imagine. He realizes that another loss is coming and he doesn't want to say goodbye again.
I quickly called for Megan and she crawled into his bed and started to rub his head and cry with him- She is still there. Please pray for our family- We are thrilled that Megan is going where God is leading her but it certainly is painful on so many levels. He catches every tear and we are so thankful that this goodbye is not forever.........Trusting Him with our aching hearts tonight.

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  1. We went through that when our bigs each left for college... very hard on our little ones with traumatic pasts. Hugs.