Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mother's Day.....

Mother's Day the past few years has been bitter-sweet to me. I am so thankful that God has chosen me to be the mom to the 7 amazing kids that He has entrusted to me but I know that in my rejoicing there is great sorrow for two moms in the world. Two moms that I love dearly and pray for many times a day. My children's birth moms. (Werke- Tia and Garrett's birth mom on the left and Busha- Lemi's birth mom on the right)
Some of you may not know but the Saturday before Mother's Day is Birth Mother's Day. Each year I wish I was close enough to celebrate with the precious ladies that gave life to three of my children but that just hasn't been the case. This year God has opened up a door for me to honor these ladies and I would love your help.
I found out last week that I had been chosen to be in a Mother's Day contest along with 19 other moms to raise money for a charity of my choice. Of course my choice is Garrett's Heart to help my children's birth families! A local spa here in the Charlotte area will match up to $2500.00 for the winner of the contest. Here is where you come in.......would you be willing to donate to Garrett's Heart prior to May 11th in order for this matching gift of $2500.00 to become a reality? Would you be willing to donate in honor of your mom or in memory of your mom this Mother's day?
A few weeks ago two more wells were drilled and working for the Zay people and now it is time to begin some new projects on the island such as irrigation and health care. It completely amazes me how God has opened so many doors for money to be raised for the needs of the island where my kids were born. I remember like it was yesterday walking down the dusty path on the island and climbing into that old, blue boat. I remember praying, "God, there is so much work to do here. I have no idea how I can help these precious and desperate people but with your help I will." Never in a million years would I have guessed that our kids elementary school would have raised thousands of dollars, yards sales would take place, things sold on E-bay, my kids friends selling cookies door to door, our hair guy doing a day where proceeds were given, people I don't know giving, young kids emptying their piggy banks, and now maybe a spa matching up to $2500.00. Our God is so good and SO creative!
If you would like to give please go to and find my name (I am #11) and Garrett's Heart. You can make the pledge there by commenting the amount and if you want to give in honor or memory of your mom I would LOVE for you to include that! The check needs to made out to UCF with Garrett's Heart in the memo line. You can then either give me the check or mail it to me at 7944 Woodmere Drive Harrisburg, NC 28075. If you do this in honor of your mom I would love to send her a note from our family!
I would love to think that this Birth Mother's Day I am doing something HUGE to give back to the ladies who have given me three of the greatest blessings of my life- Will you pray for these ladies with me today?

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