Friday, January 18, 2013

My Lindsay......

Tonight I have one of my favorite girls in the world who is going to write a guest blog- My precious 9 year old Lindsay is going to blog about what it was like to travel to Ethiopia and adopt 3 children her age.........
A few years ago my parents were talking to my family about adopting a child or two. I was exited because I would have a sister my age to play with but also at the same time I was a little sad. One reason is because I would have to share my mom and dad. I was excited to get to go to Ethiopia with my mom, dad, brother and sisters when it was time to bring Tia and Garrett home.
When we got to Ethiopia it was a little weird. I saw kids on the streets and I saw people washing other peoples shoes..One of the things that I liked most was when we got to see orphans. There was one girl that I didn't want to let go of. She was a little tiny baby. I loved that I could hold her but at the same time I was sad that she didn't have a mom that could hold her all day long.     
Ethiopia is very different from were I live. For one thing every morning at about 4:00 am we would hear music playing. We also saw many children living on the street. Every night we brought some dinner across the street to some boys who washed shoes to get money for food. I don't think that they had a home and it made me so sad to see kids my age not have a family.
When we came back home on an airplane Tia and Garrett were scared. I helped them by playing with them. This was only my second plane ride ever so I knew what it was like to be a little scared. My first plane ride was to Ethiopia.
When we got home Tia and Garrett were amazed by our house. They kept on turning the lights on and off. Also the turned the water on and off. They were so happy to have a bed that was just for them after having to share or not having a bed. I can't believe that they use to sleep on the dirt every night.
I was so glad to have them home and sharing my mom and dad hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be. We even have now adopted Lemi because all of the kids in our family really wanted to adopt him. I am now glad that we have a big family with nine people. Lindsay

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