Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bucket List-

This past week David started a new series called Bucket List at church. On Sunday morning Garrett had a headache and decided to sit with me in the service instead of going back to the children's area where he usually spends his Sunday mornings. As David started speaking he was asking us to think of things on our bucket list. I wrote a little note on the top of the notes page that Garrett was holding that simply said- Ten things you want to do in your life-

Here is Garrett's Bucket List:
1. Go to a Jets game
2. Go to Ethiopia
3. Hug my family and kiss
4. Help my family by cleaning
5. I want to spind (spend) time with my friends
6. Say good buy (good bye) to everybody
7. I want to serve my family with dinner (I am sure I know which family)
8. I want to say thank you to my family
9. and say thank you to my teachers for teaching me to learn and read
10. I won't (want) to teach people like kids about God in bible.

I could learn so much from this bucket list.......what is on yours?

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