Wednesday, June 8, 2011

365 days.......

A year ago at this very moment everything changed! I had sent all four kids out to school, David was at work and I was in the middle of doing laundry when the phone rang. I picked up my phone and saw that it was our adoption agency.

When I saw that the phone number was our agency I held my breath. Every phone call from them usually meant more bad news or more time to wait. I said hello and the voice on the other end made sure that it was me. She then spoke these life changing words, "Mendy, start packing your bags because you have a court date on June 28th." I was not sure I heard her correctly and so I ask her to repeat herself and again all I that I heard was court and June 28th. I will never forget that I was in our hallway upstairs just outside of the laundry room when I literally fell to my knees and started to cry. I couldn't think clearly and had a million questions for her but I couldn't seem to think clearly and so I ask her if I could call back when I got myself together.

I hung up the phone and shouted to the top of my lungs, "Thank you Lord!" I dailed David's number as fast as I could and when he answered I couldn't talk because I was crying so hard. (Actually tears are flowing down my face now as I type just thinking of that moment) I tried to mutter that our agency had called and that we were to be in Ethiopia for court in 20 days. David shouted and started crying as well. The news that we had prayed for, fasted for , hoped for and cried out for for months had finally come.

Today I celebrate that when God calls us to a task He will see it to completion. Those long sleepless nights, every tear cried, every prayer prayed- He was there. When the world said that our precious Tia and Garrett were unadoptable our God said trust me and we did..........I am so thankful that this phone call was just the beginning of God completing what He had started!


  1. What a beautiful memory! We head to court on June 29th - just one day after you last year... and we cannot WAIT to meet our little girl on Ethiopian soil. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a great memory that is! I remember crying as soon as we heard that we had finally passed court with our twins. Now I am twiddling my thumbs anxiously awaiting an email from the Embassy so we can go pick up our son. I love the post on wants and needs to... inspirational. You have a beautiful family.